M: +44 (0) 7780 650910
E: rob@statsresearch.co.uk

I am based in Dingwall, Ross-shire in the highlands of Scotland.

I have pursued a career in Systems Analysis and Technical Computing since graduating with a BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Hons 2:1) as a mature student in 1984.

I have been fortunate in being involved in several projects from the initial “blank piece of paper” design stage all the way through to the final handover to the client. Each project’s journey has encompassed the full set of software life cycle activities of specification, design and test. I have a particular interest in the design of maintainable source code and am a proponent of open source technologies.

In 2005 I returned in my spare time to academic pursuits, initially with the Open University and then with the University of Glasgow. I was awarded a PhD in Statistics in August 2014.

Download my Data Scientist CV (PDF)

PhD Research

My research interests are in the statistical analysis of medical data using pattern recognition techniques.

I have a PhD in Statistics from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

The title of my thesis is …

Predicting Hypotensive Episodes in the Traumatic Brain Injury Domain

Download my thesis from this link (PDF) [10.1 MB]

Download a summary of my thesis from this link (PDF) [285 KB]

The code used during the research is described here and is available at this
location for download

My supervisor was Dr Ludger Evers, former supervisors were
Prof. Stephen Senn (now a freelance statistical consultant)
and Prof. Mark Girolami (now at University of Cambridge)