Event Analysis Application (EAA)

The Event Analysis Application is designed to take a data source which contains time series information and process each time row looking for events which have been predefined in terms of threshold levels and holddown time periods.

The application can group events into episodes where an episode is defined as a group of events closely spaced in time. The software also supports the use of entity tables which provide supporting meta data for the time series which is being analysed.

The application currently assumes that each patient file is a single SQLite database.

The application has been designed as a general purpose tool and can be applied to a range of event analysis projects. The application provides support for automatically handling files that fail to process. These are marked as <fileName>.INVALID and can then be processed as required.

The commands to run this section are:

$ cd [INSTALL_DIR]/ThesisSoftware/EventAnalysisApp
$ vi EA.xml (as required)
$ vi EUSIG_EventDef.xml (as required)
$ cd dist
$ java -jar EventAnalysis.jar -cf ../EA.xml

On a MacBook Pro, the EventAnalysis app takes about 1 sec/patient. The directory with the patient database files, the output directories for the JSON and log files are all controlled by the EA.xml configuration file.